We are fortunate here in our beautiful Calder Valley to be blessed with many creative and inspirational people, and we made sure we worked with as many of them as possible in creating Daisy Bank Camp, so this is a moment to say thank you to a handful of the folks we’ve journeyed with: our architect was Alison Grant, the site landscape was designed by Emma Reed, your cabin has been decorated using the designs of Hannah Nunn, our logo was designed by Louise Lockhart; this website was crafted by Ffion Atkinson & Becky Trow, and Sarah Mason has captured the wild essence of our retreat in photographs. There are many other people who have helped in ways big and small over the last 3 years, and we thank you all heartily for the part you have played.

Alison Grant


Emma Reed

Landscape Design

Ffion & Becky


Hannah Nunn

Wallpaper Design

Louise Lockhart

Logo Design

Sarah Mason